Most diverse and professional dance school in Oxfordshire!

Mini professionals Dance Aademy

Thls is just the best of the best. If you are Oxford-based, I can't think of a better, more inspiring and uplifting activity for your kids to do

The energy in this video clip is apparent at every class Bethany is like the Pied Piper of dance teachers, and she leads with passion, dedication and a genuine warmth and affection for her pupils.

I just want to say you do an AMAZING job with these kids

I don't just mean in their dance. In their development, in their sense of self ...
You have such an art in helping them feel loved and appreciated, and joyful in their movements, and working together as a team. These are INVALUABLE to growing children and I'm so grateful you are having such a positive impact in Alba's life.

Thank you for being you!

She gets the best out of each and every child in her classes

Bethany Gorton, Principal of Mini Professionals, is a truly talented dance teacher. She gets the best out of each and every child in her classes. Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious and the kids love going. I have two children, Tilly age 7 and Katie aged 17. Their classes are very different with Katie being an advanced dancer and Tilly a beginner but both of them will tell you how amazing Bethany is and how much they enjoy her classes. I would highly recommend Bethany and Mini Professionals to anyone.

My daughter absolutely loves this dance class

It really has encouraged her to mix with children not from her school, helped build her confidence aswell as taken her mind of tough times always looking foward to her saturday class. 'My best day of the week because i get to dance and be me' . Fun routines and always smiling afterwards.

Emma Saunders

It's such an amazing space to dance!

So many talented, determined people, amazing teaching and choreography from Bethany, and a really great atmosphere! Bethany's a really organised and creative teacher, and is so driven in making MPDA the best it can be. So happy to dance here

Matilda Butterworth

It has been a real pleasure to watch this school go from strength to strength

It has been a real pleasure to watch this school go from strength to strength, and to see so many of my friends' children dancing here now, as well as my own. It is evident in the growth and popularity of the school that Bethany and her team have identified and are catering for a strong movement of young dancers (and a few adults!) who benefit from first class dedication and support.

Best Dance school in Oxfordshire

Such an honour to be a part of a loving, professional, high standard company!

Elise Beesley

An incredibly inspiring and unique way with teaching

Mini Professionals has been incredibly supportive of all charity events that I have run locally in Summertown. It is a school bursting with energy and fun and watching the children grow in both talent and confidence is wonderful. Well Done Miss Bethany, you have an incredibly inspiring and unique way with teaching, I only wish I had a teacher like you as a child!

Bethany is such an amazing and inspirational teacher to have

She is funny, lively and it's such a joy to be able to be taught by her as she cares so deeply about that she does, and the students she teaches.

Kirsten (age 14)

Since joining Mini Professionals my daughter has never looked back

Her confidence, strength and performance has grown beyond our expectations. Each lessons leaves her longing for the next challenge and where this may take her. A truly wonderful experience for all level of dancers from beginners to advanced. Bethany is a real inspiration to the young dancers. She cares, supports and encourages everyone to progress towards their aspirations, and helps them realise their dreams.

My girls adore Bethany's classes

The progress they have made since they started is amazing and they spend most evenings practicing the dance routines they have learned. Bethany seems to have the winning formula, she inspires commitment and a passion for dance in her pupils but is also totally approachable and always has time for each one of her dancers. Like all parents I have signed my children up for groups and classes only for them to lose interest after a couple of weeks. My experience with Mini Professionals is the total opposite and I think the girls would come to Bethany's classes every day if they could.

Two of my girls dance with Bethany, and I am watching them bloom and grow into confident, joyful individuals.

She is focused on your child as an individual, and really knows how to maximise their potential. You never feel that this is just a business opportunity for Bethany. This is a passion that she lives and breathes into your child.

Lucy (mum)

Bethany is the most encouraging person ever

She is so kind and drives you to work your hardest. She has helped me improve so much!

Eilidh (aged 11)