Mini Professionals Dance Academy's aim is to instil confidence and self belief in each student

Mini Professionals Dance Academy is Oxfordshire's leading dance school and was founded by Principal Bethany Gorton with the core aim of instilling confidence and self belief in every student.

All of our dance teachers are encouraging, enthusiastic and experienced, allowing creativity to overflow and self confidence to amplify.

As well as children and teen dance classes, Mini Professionals also offer corporate dance and fitness sessions, children dance parties, wedding choreography, adult dance classes, individual dance sessions, dance camps, dance workshops and dance for toddlers. Our classes cover Contemporary Dance, Commercial Dance, Lyrical Dance, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Ballet Fitness & much more.

We currently have classes in ten locations around Oxfordshire including Summertown, Botley, Marston, Wolvercote, North Hinksey, St Ebbes Primary, Chandlings School, Weston on the Green and Great Milton. 

Upcoming Events

2017 Workshop
Tue 21 November 17
Mindfulness Project
Mon 28 August 17

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What's on Friday?

Boys Only Class
St Margaret's Institute
3.50pm - 4.50pm
Ages 7-13
Modern Dance
Contemporary / Lyrical
4.45pm - 5.45pm
Ages 9- 12
Modern Dance
Contemporary / Lyrical
5.45pm - 6.45pm
Ages 9-12
Modern Dance
Contemporary / Lyrical
6.45pm - 7.45pm
Ages 13-21
Modern Dance
Contemporary / Lyrical
Chandlings School

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I just want to say you do an AMAZING job with these kids

I don't just mean in their dance. In their development, in their sense of self ...
You have such an art in helping them feel loved and appreciated, and joyful in their movements, and working together as a team. These are INVALUABLE to growing children and I'm so grateful you are having such a positive impact in Alba's life.

Thank you for being you!

She gets the best out of each and every child in her classes

Bethany Gorton, Principal of Mini Professionals, is a truly talented dance teacher. She gets the best out of each and every child in her classes. Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious and the kids love going. I have two children, Tilly age 7 and Katie aged 17. Their classes are very different with Katie being an advanced dancer and Tilly a beginner but both of them will tell you how amazing Bethany is and how much they enjoy her classes. I would highly recommend Bethany and Mini Professionals to anyone.

An incredibly inspiring and unique way with teaching

Mini Professionals has been incredibly supportive of all charity events that I have run locally in Summertown. It is a school bursting with energy and fun and watching the children grow in both talent and confidence is wonderful. Well Done Miss Bethany, you have an incredibly inspiring and unique way with teaching, I only wish I had a teacher like you as a child!