About Mini Professionals Dance Academy

We are expanding into London, Kensington. To book a free class, please email us today!

Mini Professionals Dance Academy was founded by Principal Bethany Gorton and offers dance classes throughout Oxfordshire in 14 locations.

Mini Professionals Dance Academy is an established and successful dance school, teaching Contemporary, Commercial, Funk, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Hiphop, and Jazz dance classes.

At Mini Professionals Dance Academy you will find Principal Bethany Gorton and teachers working exceptionally hard in all classes to ensure children and teenagers leave the studio feeling happy and confident. Mini Professionals Dance Academy's aim is to instil confidence and self belief in each student. Every teacher is encouraging, enthusiastic and experienced, allowing creativity to overflow and self confidence to amplify.

Mini Professionals Dance Academy hosts an annual awards ceremony, where each and every student will receive an award, a certificate, and the opportunity to perform on a stage infront of their friends and family. Bonus awards are also handed out as special recognition, however we believe that every student should be recognised for their hard work and ensure that all of our students walk away with an award. We also host an annual christmas disco with a professionl DJ, lots of snacks, and a gift from MPDA to each and every student. Both of these events require the parent purchasing tickets, however we ensure to keep the costs of tickets/costumes to an aboslute minimum. 

Mini Professionals Dance Academy have a modern day approach to the wonderful and historic teachings of dance. We believe that ONE weekly dance class at MPDA will boost a childs confidence, coordination, balance, and fitness, which they can carry into every aspect of their life. 

As well as children and teen dance classes, Mini Professionals offers corporate dance and fitness sessions, children dance parties, wedding choreography, adult dance classes, individual dance sessions, dance camps, dance workshops and dance for toddlers. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions as we would love to help!

You can find further details of our talented teachers in the tab above, along with lots of videos and photos too!